With eight years’ experience in the publishing industry, I’ve edited about 450 books for authors  in genres ranging from fiction novels to self-help guides, from memoirs to textbooks, and from books on business to children’s books. I specialize in two kinds of editing: developmental and copy.

Developmental Editing: Takes a manuscript from proposal form or rough draft to final manuscript. When developmentally editing a book, I measure the effectiveness of the following elements and coach authors to improve title of work, story arc and plot, style and tone, organization, character development, dialogue, consistency of genre. Most manuscripts go through three rounds of developmental editing.

Copy Editing: Includes evaluation and correction of the following items within a manuscript: grammar, usage, spelling/typos, punctuation, mechanics of style, internal consistency of facts/anachronisms, and system of citations.

Please note: My default is to edit with Chicago Manual of Style, the book publishing industry standard style for print works. However, I am capable of working within most styles: MLA, APA, AP, etc.

Fees for editing services begin at $30/hour. Contact me for a quote on your project!